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Water Heaters


According to ENERGY STAR, water heaters are the second highest source of energy usage in your home. Energy Star points out that certified water heaters can help you with energy savings, performance, and reliability because they use less energy than standard models. Not only can you save money on your utility bills, but you can also help protect the environment.

If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms with your water heater, it may be time for repair or replacement.

  • Leaks around the unit
  • Higher energy bill
  • No hot water
  • Rusty colored water
  • Showers that turn cold after just a few minutes
  • Strange noises emanating from the unit


A tank-type water heater begins to drain the hot water stored in the tank. In times of heavy hot water usage, less hot water will be available until after a period of “reheating” time. It continues to heat and reheat water, even when there is no need for hot water.

  • Low initial cost
  • Low venting cost
  • Large variety of sizes available
  • Flow rates of 12 GPM and up
  • High altitude installations to 10,000 ft. elevation
  • Low- or ultra-low-NOx emissions

Tank-type water heaters typically store between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water, usually at the factory setting of 120°F. The temperature can be adjusted up or down by a control on the unit. If there is high demand over a short period—a family taking back-to-back showers in the morning, or a vacation home packed with guests—the hot water can run out. When it does, you have to wait for the water to get hot again. Though they’re well-insulated, to compensate for standby heat loss, tank-type water heaters heat water even when not in use.



A tankless water heater turns on and begins heating water as it flows through the unit. It continues to provide hot water until the demand is over, then goes on standby until the next hot water need. There is no storage capacity limit, so you receive continuous hot water.

  • Continuous hot water
  • High energy efficiency
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Electronically controlled
  • Exclusive sensing burner technology
  • Exclusive film wrap overheat protection
  • Digital thermostat with self-diagnostic program
  • Precise temperature control
  • Consistent hot water supply temperature
  • No hot water storage
  • Low operating costs
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Indoor or outdoor models available
  • Two high-altitude options: up to 6,560 or 9,840 ft. elevations

Tankless water heaters combine innovative technology and functionality for a hot water solution that can supply a continuous flow of low-cost hot water whenever and wherever you need it. No matter how many body sprays and showerheads, no matter how deep the whirlpool, you will not run out of hot water with a properly sized tankless water heating system.