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Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are a vital part of every home and business. They connect to a plumbing system that moves hot and cold water through pipes from one area to another. For a home, business, or any building to have running water they would need to install a plumbing system that requires plumbing fixtures. Each plumbing fixture is designed for a specific use, but with the same purpose in mind. Each fixture should have a shut-off valve, or stop valve, installed for each water supply line that leads to the fixture. This allows for the water flow to be turned off if a plumbing fixture breaks or has a leak and needs to be repaired. Although, if necessary, water can be shut off at the main supply if you cannot find the water supply line.

Most common plumbing fixtures are:

  • Faucets – These are the most used fixtures in the home and control the flow of water for sinks and baths.

  • Sinks – You can usually find several sinks in a home or business since they are used for washing hands, dishes, and other objects. Every sink will have a faucet that supplies water to it and a drain that allows the water to flow out.

  • Bathtubs – Every home has a bathtub since its purpose is to be used for bathing. It is important to clean and maintain the bathtub regularly and properly. This will also ensure a healthy and bacteria-free environment for your bathtub.

  • Showers – A shower can be a stand-alone stall or part of a bathtub. Their plumbing fixture can have one or more shower heads that propel water through while producing different effects and pressures. Showers even have water-saving heads that can improve your showering experience and save a family of four up to 17,000 gallons of water per year.

  • Toilets – This is the most important plumbing fixture in any household or business. Toilets use a flush system to move waste out of your home or business and into a septic tank or community sewage system. Since they are in constant use, problems will eventually occur and therefore repairs are needed. Inspecting the base of the toilet for cracks and leaks regularly can help to prevent problems before they occur.

  • Most plumbing fixtures have drains to remove unwanted water or waste. Each drain is protected by a strainer to prevent clogging and a trap that retains a small amount of water which acts as a sealant. The trap prevents harmful gasses from entering a home. Maintaining drains is critical to preventing plumbing problems.

New fixtures in a bathroom or kitchen can create more space in both large and small areas. More space in a small bathroom looks more appealing, and when upgrading fixtures, you can intentionally opt for a more efficient design. In the kitchen, plumbing problems can be a nightmare when sinks become clogged. New pipes are more compact and flexible, taking up less space in cabinets or under the sink. Whether your plumbing problems are a clogged toilet, kitchen sink, dishwasher, or bathtub, it can ruin your daily routine. Plumbing issues can also be embarrassing when you have family or friends over to visit. Replacing your old plumbing fixtures can give you peace of mind. A clogged sink or dishwasher means not being able to wash dishes or grind waste in the garbage disposal. These normal activities often get taken for granted until you have to call a plumber to fix them. Replacing fixtures can resolve these persistent plumbing problems. Sometimes, it may be quite difficult to guess when to replace your hardware especially if you don’t know how old your fixtures are. In that case, you should schedule regular (typically once a year) plumbing inspections for careful analysis of all your pipes and fixtures for possible cracks or holes.

Plumbing fixtures could fail due to many reasons. Some of the top reasons include:

  • Expired plumbing

  • Low-quality hardware

  • Lack of proper and regular maintenance

  • Temperature variation

  • Improper installation

If your plumbing has failed due to one of the above reasons, the professional plumbers at GP Plumbing, LLC can help. Contact us today!